Your Fantasies Are Robbing You



While I had Dr. Matt with me I wanted to address a question someone had posted on our last video on the NLP Gym Youtube channel, ‘Why Focusing On Your Happiness Is Making You Unhappy‘.

The question is, “Is obsessive fantasizing a symptom or trap in the faulty foundation to seek happiness?”

It’s a really good question so I showed it to Dr. Matt and he had a lot to say about it so I thought we might as well address it in a follow up video. This is that follow up video.

Instead of trying to write out Dr. Matt’s response, it’s better to hear it in his own words. Check out the video.

Also, Dr. Matt is now back in Europe attending to business but he will return to California in January. The tour we did was very successful and we’re both inspired and motivated by the responses we received from the talks he gave.

We plan to do a two or three day workshop when he returns to Santa Cruz and we want to hear from you about which workshop you would like to attend. Because the response from all three talks he gave at Hotel paradox was better than expected it’s hard for us to choose.

Which workshop would you like to attend, a workshop on Personal Branding, Persuasion, or Identity design (creating your personality)?


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