Imagine if you could design your life the way you want to live it right now just like an architect designs a building. What would it look like, sound like, and feel like? How similar or different would it be to the life you live right now? By now you’ve probably realized that life is not a flat terrain with paved roads and signs telling you where you are and where you need to go. Many people out there will try to sell you on their “roadmap” to success. Hopefully you realize by now there is no roadmap that can tell you “turn left here, turn right there” to get you to where you want to go. In other words there is no “one size fits all solution” to creating the life you desire. Life is more like the ocean. Sometimes the water is calm and peaceful. Sometimes it’s rough and knocks you around. It’s easy to get lost. There’s no signposts. All you have is your compass, your skills, and your experience.

Unfortunately many of us fear veering too far from the safety and comforts of what we know. We want so much out of life but we’re afraid of getting lost and afraid of losing what we’ve already worked so hard to gain. We don’t trust our inner compass and we don’t trust our skills and life experiences to really go for it in life.

  • If you find yourself repeating the same patterns and you feel stuck…
  • If you know you’re not actualizing your full potential and you’re ready make a change…
  • If you feel like you’re being pushed around by life (and other people) instead of being in control…

Then this could be the most important thing you read!


When If you learn NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you learn how you’re creating your sense of reality and when you learn this, you can overcome any obstacles, melt unconscious blocks that hold you back, rewire limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, and start living the life you want to live immediately.

The unexpected will happen. You will get knocked off course from time to time and when you do, a simple map just won’t do. You need to develop and cultivate your inner compass so that despite chaos and distractions you know the right direction for you. You need the skills to navigate through the chaos and distractions and that’s what learning and mastering NLP is; taking back control of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and desires and understanding your internal programming so that you run the programs instead of the programs running you.

Not only is there no shortage of people trying to sell you their “roadmaps” for their success, there’s probably no shortage of people in your life willing to inundate you with their advice, their view of the world, and what they think you should do with your life. Many of them are well-intended, but they are inevitably biased by what they want. From the time we’re kids we’ve been filled with our parents’ values, the values of our teachers, our culture, the society we grew up in. Most of us end up chasing values for years that aren’t even our own and sometimes we get them and we even achieve success in those areas only to discover how empty it is to try to please others rather than fulfill our own values.

What would it be like to always be able to tell the difference between what you want and what others want for you? What would it be like to truly know your own values and have the skills to fulfill them and live a life of purpose all of the time?

When you learn NLP you become the pilot of your dreams. You become the master navigator of your life. You will know the difference between well-intended advice that is useful and advice from people who just want you to do what they want you to do. You will learn the persuasion techniques of the best influencers. Even if you don’t care about persuading people and dominating negotiations you will be able to easily spot when someone is trying to use these techniques on you.

You will learn to master your state so that you can walk into any situation any time even new situations you’ve never been in and feel comfortable and confident in turning the situation to your advantage. Master NLP and master your life!


People can spend up to a decade or more in traditional therapy to have the kind of transformation you can experience in just one day using NLP.

I want to share what I’ve learned over the years from my NLP training with the world. I want to share it with you so much so that I’m offering this training for a price so low and quality so high that no other institute can compete. I can’t offer it any lower because I refuse to compromise on quality.

But first, if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering who am I and why should you learn NLP from me?


I love developing and evolving myself to reach greater heights and actualize my potential and I love helping others do the same.

If I can overcome depression and turn failures into successes you can too. With desire and the right technology you will be unstoppable.

I decided to create the longest most comprehensive NLP practitioner training taught in the U.S. and perhaps even the world despite several top NLP professionals trying to talk me out of it.

“It will never work. It’s not a good business model. You’ll go broke. Nobody will sign up. People don’t want to learn NLP anymore they just want to pay their money and get a certificate and go home.”

-They told me.

Well I don’t agree.

Having taken several practitioner courses with different trainers and resource coaching them, again and again I noticed that most teachers focused on giving people a NLP experience rather than teaching it to them and showing them how to implement it in their lives to get what they wanted and to create the life they wanted.

Why can’t NLP trainings do both I thought and decided that one day I would teach a practitioner training and make it the most complete NLP training. It would insure students really got NLP in the muscle by the end of the training so that they could apply it effectively in any area of their lives and get the results they desire.


Perhaps there aren’t many of you who are ready for positive change and real growth. It’s true many people want all the benefits of transformation without doing the work. It’s true some people have trouble making commitments even when it comes to committing to their own excellence and achieving their ultimate potential, but that’s not you, is it?

If you are one of those people you can stop reading now because this is not the course for you unless you’re tired of trying to get something for nothing and you’re ready to commit to investing in yourself.

I would rather teach a small group of dedicated students any day over teaching a room of a thousand uncommitted people who aren’t ready to finally fulfill their dreams.

This is your life and no one else is going to do it for you.



Right away after my first practitioner training I ever took I saw the flaws in how it was being taught. I’ve had some great teachers, some of the best in the world. While they dazzled me with their NLP skills and seemed to work magic on their demonstration subjects, it often felt like something was missing. Why couldn’t I cultivate that ability after I had dropped almost $4,000 and had a certificate in my hand?

I started asking a lot of questions and I made a lot of teachers uncomfortable, but I finally got answers.

When NLP was first taught, the practitioner training was 30 days long. Since then (40 years ago) the technology has grown tremendously while NLP trainings are being shortened. Some are as short as three or four days and they hand you a certificate regardless if you even show up for the training. Basically they’re certifying that they took your money and you have no skills to show for it.

My friend Dr. L. Michael Hall calls the typical NLP training these days “resort” style NLP training and it’s so true. It’s more about comfort than getting your hands dirty and doing real change work because they’re afraid you won’t pay to learn and they believe you’re just there to have a good time, get your piece of paper that says you paid for a NLP course, and go home.

I can think of better and cheaper ways to have a good time.

Nothing wrong with having a good time either. This training will be fun too! I have a great time when I practice, learn, and teach NLP. Sometimes it’s difficult, but anything worth doing will be difficult at times. I don’t know any successful people who became successful by avoiding difficulty.

What I’ve been doing for the past five years is creating the best ways to practice and apply NLP in order to learn it and use it as effectively as possible as quickly as possible in order for you to get the results and outcomes you want in your life.

My goal is to deliver a better practitioner training than my teachers provided for me.

You will not only learn all of the basic and foundational skills of NLP, you will live them and breathe them. You will have them so deep in the muscle that you will use them when you’re not even conscious of it just like driving a car.


I’m only allowing 12 students to attend. Why only 12 people?

Sure I would make a lot more money if I open it up to whoever wants to attend, but that’s not how I want to do this.

I will prequalify every student in order to be certain that they’re a good fit for the way that I teach and that their intent is to really learn NLP and apply it effectively and not just to get a piece of paper that says they’re certified.

The training will be tailored to meet every student’s individual needs and goals, which starts to become impossible with more than 12 students.

Every student will be guaranteed an opportunity to master NLP and use NLP to master their lives in this training!


Have you discovered your personal power? Have you tapped into it? Have you even had a look?

Do you want to make 2017 the year you change your life? The year you decided it’s time to really live your dreams? You decide you’re tired of not reaching your potential? The year you decided to make a decision to commit to a process of creating the life you desire?

It’s as if you can imagine yourself looking back on the year and realizing 2017 was the year you took control over your life and gave birth to your dreams into reality.


You will learn to communicate better than you ever have and great communication is the single most important ingredient that all of the most successful people have in common. This includes learning how to be more influential, persuasive, and charismatic.

You will learn ways to set goals to insure that you achieve them.

By the end of the training you will have learned how to uncover your internal programming so that you can change it and have choice about how you experience life so that instead of your programing running you, you run the programing.

You will also learn:

Language patterns of radical transformation
Language patterns for persuasion and influence


Values Elicitation
How to achieve your goals rapidly
Submodalities, your internal programming that creates your reality. Change the programming and change your reality.


Establishing rapport with people in the shortest time possible
How to calibrate peoples’ physiology and know when they’re responding to your influence
How to train your mind to sort for success and move toward it even when you’re not thinking about it


Discovering and utilizing strategies of excellence in yourself and others
Reframing your thinking from scarcity to abundance
Reframing with others for persuasion and influence


Eliciting timelines so you have your way with time instead of the other way around
Inner game and state management so you perform your best in any situation
Build stronger relationships with loved ones and colleagues


Powerhouse negotiation skills so you come out on top and never get taken advantage of ever again.
Reprogramming your behavior and generating new behaviors for greater health and vitality
Resolving inner conflicts and resolving conflicts with others


Eye Movement Integration to overcome internal blocks and fears
How to program your mind for resilience so you automatically get right back up after a setback
Presuppositions that inevitably lead you to success and your highest potential


Behavioral flexibility so you can adapt to any situation rapidly
Perceptual Positions, a technique geniuses use, to better understand others, resolve conflict, and cultivate better intuition and insight
Neurological Levels: understanding the various levels of where your put your neurology like behavior, identity, and vision


Overcome the limiting beliefs that hold you back
Aligning your goals with your highest values in order to create unstoppable strategies to achieve outcomes you never thought possible
Sensory Acuity to figure people out quickly just by observing them


Eliciting your own and others’ unconscious strategies for making decisions
Swish Pattern
Six Step Reframing


Visual Squash
Mapping Across
Fast Phobia Process


Pacing and Leading
Mirroring and Matching


Meta Model
Milton Model
And much more!
See More


  • Start using NLP immediately and effectively in your life even on just the first day of training
  • Get in now while spots are available. This course is intentionally kept small, only 12 people per class in order to tailor the training to meet your exact needs and outcomes.
  • Who doesn’t want to immediately take charge of their life fulfill your desires create the kind of success you want and master your life?!
  • Maybe it’s not the right time for you to do this training. Maybe you don’t have the desire to make life-changing breakthroughs right now. I trust you know what’s right for you, but if you’re ready to make changes, step up your inner and outer game, become more persuasive, and take charge of your life why wait any longer?
  • Ongoing practice sessions conducted by me between modules.
  • This training is not for you if you’re just price shopping. NLP trainings are a lot like bottles of wine. The most expensive is rarely the best but neither is the cheapest.
  • This training is not for you if you’re only interested in receiving a certificate. There are plenty of cheap NLP online trainings that you can sign up for and immediately print your certificate without doing any of the work. If you’re only interested in a cheap certificate, instead of learning, applying, and mastering NLP and your life, that’s your best option.

So here’s what you need to do now: If you’re interested or even just curious here’s what I recommend you do, click on one of the green boxes that says “For More Information”, enter your name, email, and phone number and I, not a telemarketer, will reach out to you personally by email to schedule a time when we can discuss if this is the right training for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

FYI! This is not my primary source of income. I have multiple businesses and projects going on at the same time and may decide to stop offering this training at some point.


Damon Cart

Damon Cart is considered to be a natural talent by some of the best NLP trainers in the world. His approach to guiding and teaching students brings to their awareness that they’ve been doing NLP all of their lives without realizing it and he empowers them with skills and resources to thrive and reach their full potential. With the understanding of how Neuro Linguistic Programs create one’s experience a person can then take charge of those programs and create the experience and the life they want.

By taking this approach into his own rigorous, daily NLP practice Damon has been able to rapidly accelerate his progress in learning, coaching clients and teaching workshops.


Located in Santa Cruz where NLP was founded Damon teaches and coaches clients locally as well as Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area. His passion is guiding people through transformation to achieve joy, fulfillment, passion and greater personal and career performance.

Damon certified in hypnosis and as a NLP practitioner three times, NLP master practitioner twice, NLP Trainer and NLP Health Certification. His vision is to touch as many lives as possible using NLP to help people actualize their greatest potentials.


“Damon Cart has a much better understanding of how my self-concept model works than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. He has an unusual ability to grasp the depth and details of the methodology, as well as a lot of energy, vitality, and commitment. It is a pleasure to recommend his training.”

—Steve Andreas, Author, Trainer, NLP Developer

“I’m very impressed with Damon Cart and NLP-Gym. Damon is what you look for in a teacher – one who is himself a life-long student. He looks for what works and is dedicated to mastering the craft.”
-Doug O’Brien, Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Author

“Damon is my NLP yoda. He just gets it–and has always been able to make it easily understandable for me. Not only has he been a teacher to me as an aspiring practitioner, but I have had the chance to have him as my coach. His insights are often profound. Almost with greed, I look forward to continuing to work with this talented, skilled practitioner–and the big things he can do for me.”
-Dr. Larry Burchett, Medical Doctor, Author, and TV Personality

“Damon Cart first has a passion for learning and second a passion for learning NLP, he is both systemic and systematic in his approach. He is a master trainer and coach. He has made it a rule to learn from the best in NLP and to create an deep, wide and rich map of both conscious and unconscious approaches to change. Well, in short ‘Damon Rocks’, you will be enriched by learning from him.”
-Judith Delozier, Author, Trainer, NLP Developer and Co-developer

“I met Damon Cart last year (2015) at NLP U. and have been impressed with his commitment to learn NLP in a thorough and deep way as well as his commitment to revitalize NLP in the USA. Damon is well-grounded in the fundamentals of NLP and the very terminology of “NLP Gym” speaks about his focus on dedicated practice.”

-L. Michael Hall, Ph.D, Author, NLP Developer