Truth About Motivation


Many people erroneously think that motivation is something you either have or you don’t or that it’s something you have to generate.

People tell me that I’m a highly motivated person. It’s not really about motivation. I just know what I want.

Knowing what you want, especially knowing what value or values you will fulfill when you have what you want is motivation. Put another way, motivation is a symptom of being clear about what you want.

Some people say they want a million dollars or they want to lose 20 pounds and they’re very clear about wanting this but they feel unmotivated to do anything about it. So am I incorrect about my definition of motivation?


If you want a million dollars or you want to lose 20 pounds and you’re feeling unmotivated to go after it it’s because either you don’t truly believe these things will fulfill you or you value something else greater than the million dollars or losing 20 pounds.

For a lot of people they value comfort more than doing something generative or constructive and they fear disappointment if they try and fail.

For most people their values are unconscious. If all you learn from NLP is how to elicit your values and elicit your criteria to fulfill those values (making your values and how to fulfill them conscious) you will be more awake than most people.

And get ready! You’re about to have unstoppable motivation.

You don’t want a million dollars. You want to experience the experience you value highly that you believe a million dollars will bring you.

You don’t want to be 20 pounds lighter. You want to experience the experience you value highly that you believe being 20 pounds lighter will make you feel.

And there’s great news!

You don’t have to wait to get something in order to fulfill your highest values. If you’re able to project your values onto an experience, to an activity, or even to material, this must mean that you already have what you value within yourself.

When you understand this; when you elicit your highest values and you elicit the criteria for experiencing those values you will begin to experience fulfillment of these values. When you recognize that they’re already within you, you enter a state of excellence.

A state of excellence happens when, in a particular context, you’re accessing all the resources within yourself that you value and that fulfill you.

The result is you enter a state of flow. When that happens motivation, though it’s happening, isn’t even conscious and it doesn’t really matter. You’re just doing and being rather than wanting and hoping.

Discover your values and take action. You don’t need to fear disappointment because your highest values are already within you ready for you to access them at any time.

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Yeah so you might live far away. I hear people say that a lot. That’s lack of motivation. That’s lack of connecting with what you value. Something magical can happen when you just show up. I’ll be there.


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