The NLP Trap – How To Avoid It


The NLP trap?

“I thought NLP was supposed to free me from my limitations and help me actualize my potential and create unlimited success and happiness.”

Yes! That’s what it should be doing. How many of you are experiencing that right now?

As you learn NLP you hit those moments where you break through and you make progress; sometimes leaps ahead of where you were and you grow and evolve. These are amazing experiences and the more skilled you become at NLP the more methodical you can be at making these experiences happen at will.

Be careful though that you don’t start to think of NLP as an ideology that will solve everything.

It’s not just okay to look outside of NLP for resources and solutions, I’m actually recommending that you do exactly that.

In a sense this is what I believe NLP was designed for, to help you move beyond it.

You can think of NLP as a closed system or an open system.

If you treat it like a closed system it means you focus only at becoming really good at NLP techniques and skills and you treat other disciplines and methodologies skeptically.

Thinking of NLP as an open system where you use NLP to move beyond it, to venture out and learn other disciplines and skills is a much healthier way to live and achieve your goals. The strange and yet wonderful thing about approaching NLP this way is you will get even better at it.

It may sound a bit paradoxical, but most truths are.

You are bigger than NLP so don’t limit yourself. NLP is more an attitude than it is a set of skills and techniques and that attitude is to absorb what is useful no matter the source, incorporate whatever works for you and to not limit yourself in any way.

People who treat NLP as an ideology can be very successful and happy and highly skilled, but they are still limiting themselves.

In times of struggle and frustration especially when it seems like nothing is working, always come back to yourself. No methodology, no discipline, no model, and no ideology is more powerful than the person reading this.

Always come back to yourself for the answers. They’ve been here all along.

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