Psychology of Hate With Dr. Matt



After the Charlottesville attack and the somewhat normalization of hate groups in this country like Neo Nazis and the KKK I went in search of answers.

I’ve known about these hate groups since I was a kid. They’re nothing new, but what I was surprised by was the numbers of them and their willingness to be seen without masks or hoods on national television.

It’s not uncommon for these groups to secretly and randomly strike but at the protest in Charlottesville it was a shockingly blatant and calculated attack in broad daylight that really caught my attention.

Demonstrations of hate are unsettling and most of us will shake our heads and say wtf? We ask the question “What do we do about this?”

Do we hate the haters?

Unfortunately that’s not going to solve anything.

After 911 I spent a few weeks bewildered and sad. It was easy to make broad and sweeping generalizations about Muslims and people living in the Middle East. It was easy to hate, in other words.

But I knew better than to let my emotions get the better of me. Eventually I became curious about the psychology of hate and I wanted to understand what goes on in someone’s mind when they act violently and and when they act out of hate.

Charlottesville brought the sadness and curiosity again. This time though it’s not about religious ideology or one country against another. This is an issue that has persisted in this country for hundreds of years, race, and it’s about citizens of the same nation hating their fellow citizens.

We can do better than this.

Once again I reached out to my friend Dr. Matt. He just recently published a book in Europe called ‘The Psychology of Hate’. He has studied hate and since he doesn’t live in the U.S. he has an outside or Meta perspective of what is going on in this country.

Ultimately he says that hate has no payoff. One needs to understand that hate is not economical. Morality and ethics alone will not and has not stopped hate. But when a person understands that hate works against their own interests they will stop hating.

Enjoy this thought provoking conversation with Dr. Matt and me.

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  • Citizen of the World – the ability to draw from other cultures and build an international personality
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  • Behaviors – marketing skills and brand building
  • Business Management Models – business building skills and the principles of multiplying money
  • Coach Mentor Consult – coaching skills
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  • Technologies of Mindfulness – the ability to work with the ego and one’s conscious self
  • Relations Bootcamp – the ability to build relationships
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  • NLP – neurolinguistic programming techniques

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