About Dr. Sid Jacobson

S Sid Jacobson, Ph.D. was one of the early Certified Trainers by the Society of NLP. Early on he carved out his specialties in the areas of education, training, and writing, in addition to psychotherapy applications, using the latest technology from this continually advancing field. He has worked as a researcher, trainer, and consultant to professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, businesses, and professional athletes. As well as serving on local boards of directors he served as the 1995-1996 Director of the Neuro-Linguistics Forum in the American Society of Training & Development, internationally. Sid is the author of four books and the co-author of another, as well as many papers & articles on NLP. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology as well as a Masters in Social Work and is considered to be an expert in the application of NLP to education and training, psychotherapy and communication skills. He has been training professionals in a number of fields for over 30 years. Sid currently consults and trains throughout the U.S., South America, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia. He also works with several other consulting firms doing a variety of sales, communication, cultural diversity and leadership training for some of the largest corporations in the world including Singapore Airlines, Western Digital, Yokogawa Electric,