Personal Development Revolution – Dr. Matt Part 2



I didn’t want to take up all of Dr. Matt’s free time but at every break and at lunch time all I wanted to do was
find out more about the technology he had created. When I’m curious and when I want something I can be a bit obsessive.

He didn’t seem at all put off by my machine gun style of questioning.

I found out that in addition to years of personal development training in several different models, he also had lived in various countries and had integrated all of the best parts of several cultures; leaving behind the not so good parts, to create what he calls Mixed Mental Arts.

It turned out NLP was just one of many disciplines he had mastered sort of like mastering Brazilian Jujitsu as a component of Mixed Martial Arts

In other words, I had found the Bruce Lee of personal development.

Part of me felt sick because Dr. Matt had already accomplished what I had been after for years (and he’s a couple of years younger than me, which I still haven’t forgiven him for). And the other part of me was thrilled to meet such a rare and fascinating talent.

Our conversations weren’t all shop talk though. Dr. Matt is quite warm and friendly and has a great sense of humor. Within days we were sharing laughs like old pals. Several people at the training asked if we had known each other prior to the training as if we had been friends for years. Sometimes we just went with it.

“Yeah we go way back,” I would say to the inquisitor. Then I would turn and look at Dr. Matt and say, “It’s been, what… at least three days?”


We could walk into a room and within moments of observing people he could give you the breakdown of the social dynamics. He could even sometimes accurately predict peoples’ behavior. It was like he would recognize an algorithm in what otherwise seemed like unpredictable human interaction.

At times he seemed psychic. He would comment on something I was thinking about even though I hadn’t said a word about it. He would chuckle at my astonishment and then proceed to breakdown exactly how he knew it.

Another thing I noticed about him is he speaks not to the persona you portray but to your potential. I saw him do this with others and I experience this still when we communicate. It’s as if he can see your perceived limitations and he can see beyond them. I had never encountered this in a teacher or coach or anyone before.

Of course I wanted to know how he was doing all this. When I questioned him about it he would just say, “I can teach you if you want.”

Yeah I want I would say but that’s where the conversation would end.

I don’t believe in a free service; that doesn’t mean that money has to be the cost everything though. I also believe in reciprocity.

Dr. Matt just like anyone would want something in exchange for coaching and mentoring me and I was willing to pay whatever price to learn from him.

Finally after stopping off at a coffee shop after having lunch he looked over at me and said “Do you really want to learn this?”

To be continued….


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