Personal Development Revolution – Dr. Matt Final Part



I had already been thinking about how to get Dr. Matt to the U.S. to share his technology with people here. I’m not one of those types who likes to hoard knowledge or hold onto so called “secret” techniques. When I find something great, I like to share it with everyone.

One of the last days of the training in San Diego, Dr. Matt and I went to dinner, a nearby b.b.q. restaurant that Dr. Matt seemed to not get enough of. I suppose where he lives in Europe they don’t get much b.b.q. so he was taking advantage of it while he could.

As we ate he picked my brain about what Americans might want to learn from him.

“Put it this way,” I said, “I’ve been around the personal development scene for years and I haven’t seen anything like what you do. Once people see how powerful it is, they will want it. The difficult part is getting it in front of them.”

The U.S. and especially California is way into personal development. We pretty much invented it. When you travel to other countries you start to realize that it’s just not as common as it is in California, which means the competition is super steep here.

In other words there’s no shortage of self-help gurus. Standing out from the crowd as a legitimate personal development teacher is difficult.

“Are you up for the challenge?” I said to him.

“Do you want to collaborate?” He said.

“Hell yeah!”

That’s when a new journey for me began and for Dr. Matt, a journey that has led us here. That’s right. It has led to this event, these 3 talks Dr. Matt will be giving November 4th in Santa Cruz at Hotel Paradox.

We’re not charging much because we’re primarily interested in just getting the word out for now. If everything goes as planned (and it likely will) we will be producing bigger events for a much higher price in the near future.

Right now is a unique opportunity to get in on Dr. Matt’s first appearance as a teacher and trainer in the U.S.


Trust me when I say that this will be money well spent. These talks are worth quadruple what we’re charging.

Sign up now! The room only holds 30 people and we’ve already sold a few spots.

Email me if you have any questions.


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