Jan 27 2016
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Some people say that with Sleight of Mouth you can
“Win Every Argument, Conquer Every Negotiation,
Close Every Sale, And Eliminate All Objections…“
– Dr. Harlan Kilstein

If you’ve felt held back in your life because other people were getting the best of you in an argument and you never knew what to say to get them to change their minds…
Those days are over.
“Sleight of Mouth” is an NLP persuasion skill that

Nov 03 2015
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Top Innovator and Trainer in NLP and Neuro Semantics L. Michael Hall says to you…

Athletes talk about being “in the zone.” Peak Performers talk about being in “flow.”
Everyday people talk about a “peak experience”,”being all there” or a “stroke of genius”.

We say Yes it can…and we are audacious enough to say that we know how to do it!

Sep 17 2015
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Master the Science and Art of Influence

Whether for Work, Sales, Relationships, or Anything Else, We Can’t Not Influence so You Might As Well Get Very Good At It
NLP began as the study of Influence. Richard Bandler and John Grinder were specifically trying to find out what made it possible for one person to influence someone to (convince, persuade) do something different, either in their thinking or behavior.

Sep 14 2015
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“Almost Four Hours of Video and Audio Downloads + FREE Bonus“
Master the Foundation of NLP MODELING
M Modeling is what started it all. Before there was NLP there was modeling. Richard Bandler was able to model Fritz Perls so well that people who knew Fritz Perls thought that Bandler was better at being Perls than Perls himself. When John Grinder joined up with Bandler to code how Bandler was able to effectively recreate the

Sep 14 2015
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“The veils of misconception represent the filters we carry that blind us from seeing the truth as it is.” Judy DeLozier“

Wisdom and the Veils of Misconception

V Videos Now Available from this Unique One Day Workshop
“We are not provided with wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves, after a journey through the wilderness, which no one else can take for us, an effort, which no one can spare us.” – Marcel

Sep 12 2015
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Modeling at the Identity Level with Judith Delozier
In this workshop you’ll learn all about the top of the neurological level model, how this effects your life, and several drills and methods for changing and expanding it.

What is Identity?
How this is the biggest nominalization of them all
Working with the Neurological Levels
How roles play into identity
The intersection of ego and the soul
How the Hero’s Journey ties

Sep 12 2015
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How Old School NLP Trainers Got So Good…Mastering the Art of Calibration
Videos Now Available from a Unique Time Workshop with Judith Delozier

Ever notice how highly intuitive and skilled NLP practitioners from the early days of NLP are?
They embody the skills NLP practitioners dream of. I often thought it was because they’ve been practicing so long and that is true. Practice is what it takes to achieve that level of ability

Sep 12 2015
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Learn Sensory Acuity, Strategies, Modeling and More from a True Master of NLP

I’ve never seen skills like Sid’s and I’ve seen some of the best NLPers in action. Sid’s abilities are almost freakish. They look like magic even though he assures everyone it’s not.
The last time I saw him he brought a volunteer on stage and asked her what was the first thing she did in the morning.

Sep 12 2015
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Trainer: Logan Christopher and Damon Cart
“The Foundation of NLP – Sensory Acuity“
Key Concepts

This Step by Step Program Gives You Real Skill at Reading People Better than 99% of the Population.
The Sad Fact is Many People Are Walking Around ALMOST Deaf and Blind.
Instead, Find Out How You Can SUPERCHARGE Your Senses…I’ve trained with a number of high level NLP trainers.

One time in front of the class the