Learn NLP & Harness The Power of the Unconscious Mind



Why learn NLP?

I’ll start off with the “How” first with this announcement

January 6th will begin open enrollment for my online practitioner training. For the past six months I’ve been teaching, videoing, writing, editing, and making powerpoint slides to create the most comprehensive- leave nothing out- NLP practitioner training in the world!

You won’t find anything like this on Udemy for $12. I guarantee.

I don’t know that it’s the best in the world because I haven’t taken all of the online trainings that are out there, but I do know I’ve given this my all and it has stretched me and pushed me to my limits, which is what I like to do anyway so I’m not complaining. It’s based on Steve & Connirae Andreas’ practitioner training, which I’ve found to be the most complete practitioner training I’ve come across and I’ve studied with some of the best NLP trainers in the world.

Starting January 6th, if you enroll within the first week you will get a free one on one coaching session with me valued at $200

So get the New Year started with a bang and get NLP, the greatest breakthrough in personal development, on your computer, tablet, or phone this January and master NLP at your own pace.

More details to come.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to learn NLP. Some people want to become more persuasive. Others want to have more control over their own states and be able to learn rapidly and solve problems. Some people want to use NLP to supercharge their coaching practice. And I’m sure you have all of your own reasons for wanting to learn NLP.

Allow me to add one more.

Learn NLP in order to bring your unconscious into consciousness. Why is this important? For most people they’re creating their reality while totally asleep to how they’re doing it. They have problems. They feel stuck. Their beliefs limit them and they have no idea that they’re creating all of this.


Because it’s all happening unconsciously. But all of us have the ability to wake up.

NLP is a set of tools, mindsets, practical applications, practices, and methodology for waking up to your unconscious, tapping its resources, and taking charge of your mind, your life, and your entire reality.

Get conscious! Become a conscious, awake, and aware human being and in making your life better, make the world better.

NLP is not an answer or a cure. It’s an application that will help you wake up to the richness of your own resources that have been until now trapped inside you.

Many of us will run from one guru to the next and will take countless trainings and read countless books believing someone else has the answer to the questions that burn deep within you. The answers to those questions can be found in the same place the questions are coming from. You! More precisely, your unconscious.

The single greatest reason to learn NLP is to unlock the potential of your unconscious discovering all of he resources and treasures it contains and integrating those into your consciousness making you a more conscious and aware being.

When that happens, problems aren’t so problematic. You overcome them rapidly and achieve the results you want. And you also realize that achieving results isn’t the endgame either. You will understand that achieving results is meaningless unless the results fulfill your values.

You’ve already accomplished many things in your life so why don’t you feel happy, fulfilled, complete?

You can use NLP to uncover your deepest, most powerful values and fulfill them. When you do, you will understand what makes you happy, fulfilled, and complete and that you can stop chasing it because it can only be found right here, right now, in you.


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