How To Learn A Language In 7 Days – Mixed Mental Arts 1


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I was down in San Diego last week attending a hypnosis training and I met a rare and fascinating talent. His name is Mateusz Grzesiak; also known as Dr. Matt.

He’s perhaps the most celebrated personal development coach and trainer in Poland. Though he’s done many years of NLP training with both Richard Bandler and John Grinder among many other top trainers, he calls what he does Interdisciplinary Psychology and Mixed Mental Arts.

We hit it off the moment we met and had several deep and mind-blowing conversations. I ended up learning more from him than I did from the hypnosis training.

He’s developed extraordinary models and breakthrough technology that he demonstrated for me. Right away I knew I had to get him in front of the camera and make a series of videos discussing and demonstrating what he does.

When he told me he could teach me to speak a foreign language in 7 days my ears perked up and I had to know more.

Speaking multiple languages cultivates genius because you’re able to think from new and varied perspectives. It also can open many career and entrepreneurial doors and opportunities especially for someone like me living in California where about 50% of the population speaks Spanish.

Even if you’re not interested in speaking another language, I still urge you to watch the video from start to end because what Dr. Matt reveals is not just a way to learn a new language, but a revolutionary way to learn anything.

Dr. Matt lives in Poland. I would love to bring him here to California to teach this. He assured me that anyone can learn it if you’re motivated. Let me know by responding to this email if you would be interested in a training where you would learn a language in just 7 days.

Sound to good to be true?

That’s what I thought until he demonstrated how it works in this video. Here is the evidence.

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