How To Learn NLP



Most of my videos and blogs are about what to learn in NLP, but the question I keep getting from people is “How to learn NLP?”

Before I get into that, I’ve received inquiries about the upcoming enrollment for my online practitioner training. People are asking about how to sign up and how much it’s going to cost.

You can’t sign up yet. Enrollment will open January 6th and it will close January 20th so you’ll have a two week period in which to enroll. If you enroll in the first week you’ll get a free one one one coaching session with me valued at $200.

As for the price. I haven’t released that yet. I will release on the first day of enrollment.

So you want to learn NLP and there are no NLP institutes where you live or you can’t afford the $3K + to attend a live NLP training. I know what that’s like.

I first encountered NLP in college. There was a professor who taught the Philosophy of Psychology. It sounded like a fascinating class so I enrolled. He introduced NLP and I saw first hand how powerful it is and I wanted to learn it. Unfortunately there were no NLP institutes in New Orleans (which is where I went to college) and even if there were I was a broke college kid and I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway.

Jump forward more than a decade and I’m moving from L.A. to Santa Cruz and I discover that NLP was founded in Santa Cruz. Jackpot! There’s going to be a NLP institute on every corner in Santa Cruz and I’m going to finally learn it I thought.

Not at all the case.

There was only one institute in Santa Cruz and it only operated during the summer and it was expensive.

It wasn’t until I was 34 that I finally enrolled in my first NLP training. It was expensive and I had to convince my conscious mind what my unconscious already knew, that this investment would pay dividends and it did.

Had I learned NLP in my early 20s, when I had first wanted to, my life would be very different I think. I would now be further down an extraordinary path, but things happen as they do and there’s nothing else you can do about it except seize great opportunities when you can and that’s what I did when I was 34.

As soon as I completed my first practitioner training I knew that I didn’t really know NLP. I knew that learning NLP wouldn’t happen by listening to a lecture. I had to practice.

I borrowed practice principles from Ashtanga yoga and began practicing NLP every day.

If you want to master NLP, take advantage of resources available to you. If you can’t afford a training, get books and watch my Youtube videos and other NLP videos. Find a practice partner and also start a practice group.

“But Damon, how can I start a NLP practice group when I haven’t had any NLP training?” You might be wondering?

I started my NLP practice group because I didn’t have any training. I was trying to learn from books and it wasn’t work so I started a group and it worked. When I enrolled in my first NLP training I was already ahead of everyone else.

My practice group eventually turned into NLP Gym and my objective has always been to make NLP as available to as many people as possible.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the free Sensory Acuity training I offer on my website, do that now. Watch my videos and look out for the release of my online NLP Practitioner Training where you can learn NLP from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Before enrolling in my training, if I were you, I would find a practice partner and create a practice group now and then use the online training to guide you and use it to host the group. This will be a great way for you to learn and master NLP really fast.


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