Be Good! Be Even Better! NLP Techniques Anchoring


I’m at Trance Camp with Steve Gilligan in San Diego, CA marinating in hypnotic trance all day so unfortunately I don’t have much time to write, but I wanted to share a part of an email that one of my coaching clients gave me permission to share with you:


I have worked for years with numerous psychologist , psychiatrist , etc. trying to find help. Looking for some kind of resolution, just some small sign of improvement. I was ready to just give up and accept, this is me and that’s the way it is. After hearing about NLP I reached out to you as a final hell mary , one last desperate attempt for help. I’ll admit I was scared I couldn’t help thinking ” another grand I’m about to piss away on some jack ass that’s as screwed up as me” . That was possibly the most wrong I have ever been! The sessions floored me , I don’t know how I could do them justice with words. It was……. Help , the help I have been looking for all this time. Actually resolving issues , what a concept . Maybe that’s the best way to put it , my sessions with you actually resolved issues. During our 6 sessions I couldn’t believe the changes, emotional baggage and painful memories dropped even connecting with positive emotion long hidden away. I hope you are as proud of your skills and ability as I think you should be. You have the best job in the world, the ability to offer people help, real change, and improvement . I wish you many happy years of life and bringing your gift to the world.

Mike Holl, Kentucky, U.S.

Of course this put a big smile on my face and felt humbling to read. Mike did the work. I just did the guiding. It didn’t hurt that he was ready for change.

The video I’ve included is from the Practitioner Training. It’s called Add A Resource and is a great way to anchor a resource to a context or a skill that you’re already good at to make even better.

NLP doesn’t always have to be about solving problems and healing wounds. Sometimes you might want kick more ass in an area you’re already kicking ass in.

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