Core Transformation

Location : Best Western Seacliff Inn 7500 Old Dominion Ct,
Aptos, CA 95003,

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Country : United States
16Sep2016 - 18Sep2016

Trainer :  Mark Andreas


Core Transformation brings about profound and lasting changes in feelings, habits, behaviors, limiting beliefs, and even physical ailments. Imagine your most difficult problems actually being the keys to success in learning, growing, and transforming. With Core Transformation, what have been perceived as blocks or limitations instead become doorways to getting true resolution and fulfillment. This process leads to deep self-discovery and embodied understanding that naturally shifts one’s way of being in the world. Core Transformation has transformed anger, self-consciousness, procrastination, fear, weight issues, difficult relationships, depression, anxiety, addictions, and much more. It has facilitated finding fulfilling work, improving all aspects of health, and creating an overall sense of inner peace, wholeness, and well-being. Core Transformation meets our deepest strivings: to heal ourselves and develop as human beings – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
This workshop will take you to the depths of your being. You’ll be guided in simple steps to powerfully transforming states of being. Most people describe these states with words like “Being,” “inner peace,” “love,” or “oneness.” Through the Core Transformation process, these states become your new foundation for living. With these states uncovered in the specific way you’ll learn in the training, many limitations melt away, and even deeply-entrenched problems often unravel and dissolve.

Surprisingly simple, experiencing this process feels like a kindness to yourself long overdue.

“Core Transformation has changed my life! After many years of talk therapy that did nothing, I am amazed at the dramatic shift I’ve had not only in the areas you and I worked on, but other areas of my life as well. I am finding troubled relationships suddenly improving. It has been an empowering experience. Thank you so much Mark for your gentle persistence and great patience.”
~ Sharon Swanson, Castle Rock CO

“Most of my adult life I struggled with anxiety that would cause me to sweat in social situations. After two sessions with Mark, it was almost hard to believe how seamless the change was. In place of the anxiety I now have a natural confidence, and instead of sweating I actually enjoy myself in groups! After two months, the change has really held, and we’re focusing on other goals.”
~ Eric, Indianapolis IN

“Such an incredible session, very much connected to my soul purpose. Feeling the universe expanding has really helped me feel things deeper than I have known them. In particular, I woke up Sunday and realized the depth of my thoughts… they are expanding constantly just like the universe. This is like a concept I have known for years, ‘your thoughts create your reality,’ yet feeling the expansion within my own body really helped bring clarity in my connection to the divine. What I felt was different, it is that with each thought it is like a ripple effect in a pond, however the ripple runs through the entire universe! After the session I asked more questions on the way home, which all were promptly answered. I really liked your questions during the session that prompted the amazing experience. I do notice that in a earthly body, I must combine the spiritual soul purpose and physical parts of life together… this is challenging at times. I am open to the curiosity of how I will connect these parts together. It all makes sense to me and the answers have been given, now to implement! I appreciate your deep work with me and it is nice to know that if needed you are available in the future. You have helped me profoundly.”
~Susan, Lafayette CO

Core Transformation helps us to respect ourselves more fully, to move beyond inner conflict and inner struggle into experiencing every part of us in alignment with our deepest self. You’ll have clear guidance in every step of the process under the direction of Mark Andreas, NLP and hypnosis trainer, author, and son of NLP legends Steve and Connirae Andreas.

Mark Andreas trains NLP around the country, is instructor of NLP at Red Rocks Community College, and is a trainer for the NLP of the Rockies’ NLP Practitioner Training program. Mark runs an NLP change coaching private practice, meeting with individuals from around the world both in person and over Skype to assist them in achieving life-goals and resolving limitations using NLP, Core Transformation, and other methods ( Mark is author of the book, “Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree: 61 stories of creative and compassionate ways out of conflict,” showing how people resolved true life-conflicts in surprising ways many of us would never think of, and “Waltzing with Wolverines: finding connection and cooperation with troubled teens,” a collection of stories and principles for working with youth based on his two years leading groups of at-risk teens 24-7 for three week shifts at a wilderness therapy program in Colorado. Email Mark at:

“I wanted to personally tell you how much I appreciated your instruction. I wouldn’t mind taking the workshop again next weekend! There is no way to describe the feeling of surprise and delight in reaching a core state rapidly through a short verbal process—descending down the rabbit hole into an inner world of peace or oneness or love. Mark Andreas’ instruction was perfect. He was easy to follow and his manner compassionate. I would recommend the Core Transformation workshop to anyone!”

~Nina, participant in Mark’s Austin TX Core Transformation Training

“Group rates are available for hotel rooms, to enquire please call (831) 688-7300”

How You’ll Learn?

  • Mark will first lay the groundwork for you to experience the process fully, in a safe environment.
  • Then he’ll demonstrate the process for you, with one participant, to make it easy for you to do the process yourself.
  • You’ll receive a clear, step-by-step script to go through the steps with a partner.
  • Experienced coaches will be right there to assist in the event you want some assistance at any point along the way.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions in the discussion afterwards.

What Benefits Will You Experience From This Training?

  • This workshop meets the deepest strivings of our times to heal ourselves and develop as human beings, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Core Transformation is a simple process and a graceful way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings and habits, and achieve goals you thought unattainable.
  • Advance your career, mend relationships, stop smoking, change “problem” emotions and behaviors, lose weight, overcome depression, and improve all aspects of health.
  • Discover that your limitations are actually doorways toward resolution.
  • Discover that your most difficult problems actually have a positive aspect, something through which to learn, grow, and transform.
  • Discover positive intentions, leading to an experience of understanding, where awareness and change occur naturally.
  • Learn Aligning Perceptual Positions, a powerful process for becoming more aligned and centered in your relationships with others.


“Core Transformation is a brilliant book about a brilliant process. It quickly takes you to the core of your being.”

Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Learn from a master to transform your struggles and obstacles into deep personal growth and success in life.

This workshop will be a real treat to everyone who gets in and worth flying across the planet to attend!

If for any reason you disagree with the above statement after the first day of training I will refund you 100% of the admission price and I’ll give you a $100 credit toward any other NLP Gym workshop you would like to attend.


I’m not worried though because you’re going to love every minute of everything you will learn from Mark and I’m confident you’re going to get what you came for.

It’s guaranteed so you have nothing to risk, only gain.

Because of the nature of how the workshop is presented we are limiting the number of spots to 30 and I’m certain we will sell out every spot so register now.

Also for jumping on this without delay you will benefit by securing the Early Bird Pricing at $395. Come August 1st the price will go up to $495, no exceptions.

The quotes below are from participants at Core Transformation trainings with Tamara Andreas, with whom Mark worked closely as Training Coordinator. These can give you a sense of the range of results that are typical from attending this life-changing training.

“My issue had to do with feeling unworthy. And I expected at the end to feel worthy… but instead, when I got to my core state, I didn’t feel worthy, neither did I feel unworthy, it was like the whole concept of being/feeling (un)worthy did not exist to me anymore, I was just being… That felt sooo good.”
— Fatih K., Belgium

“Since I did [Core Transformation] I am not the same person. I look at the world around in a different way, having a Core state as a basis of my perception of everything around. There is no more fear, just appreciation for all the wonders of life.”
— participant

“The seminar was incredible for me in that [when I went back home dealing my mother] I felt a deep calmness and ability to let things go, where I would have made an issue with it before. My mother is very controlling and is constantly giving orders. I came through that experience with a perspective that allowed her to be ‘herself’ and me to do what I needed to do for me.”
— another participant

“My ‘stuck’ career is now moving forward in a positive direction, and I attribute this directly to Core Transformation. It moved something out of my way that I hadn’t realized was there.”
— J., Denver, CO

“What a treat! I will use this for the rest of my life and career as a Polarity Practitioner. (It) is so valid and powerful.”
—Ellie Simmons, RPP, RPE, Colorado, USA

“I found what I had been looking for, for a long time…”

The most exciting part was the discovery that I didn’t have to go outside myself to get inner peace…”

“…going from a chronic arthritic using a walking stick and totally reliant on painkillers to get me through each day, to a vibrant, happy, energized person who now tends to run rather than walk.”
(Note that while some people experience physical benefits, Core Transformation is not a replacement for medical treatment.)


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