Dismantling Limiting Beliefs



NLP Practitioner trainings typically focus on behavioral change and state management.

Why don’t these processes always change your behavior when you want them to and why, despite using every state management process in the book do you find yourself still collapsing into an un-resourceful state in a certain context?

These questions are usually answered in a Master Practitioner training (if it’s done well).

The quick answer is that it’s often due to a limiting belief and not just any old belief.

We have beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that would easily dissolve as soon as we are presented with contrary evidence.

For example if you’ve never been to New York you might believe that New Yorkers are rude because its a stereotype that has been communicated to you over the years by TV and movies. One day though you finally visit New York and find the people to be polite and hospitable. You will likely (and easily) drop the erroneous belief that New Yorkers are rude.

However, you likely have limiting beliefs that persist despite contrary evidence being presented to you. You may make six figures annually but still believe you’re a failure. You may believe you are unworthy of love despite having a family who loves you dearly.

When this happens or when you perceive reality through the filter of these limitations it’s usually because you have what we call in NLP an imprint that occurred early in childhood.

The theory is that early in childhood, before your personality and ego is fully formed, you had a stressful or traumatic experience that caused you pain and suffering or some negative feeling. Because you did not have access to the resources you needed to manage the situation and process your feelings, you dealt with the situation by isolating a part of yourself and disconnecting yourself from the part of you that feels that pain. Another way to say this is to suppress the pain.

When we do this the pain and suffering never processes and in a sense that part of you stays isolated and age regressed. You experience a lack of fulfillment, a lack of wholeness. You limit yourself when you do this which creates its own pain and suffering. As you carry this limitation throughout your life it evolves into a belief that you project onto yourself and onto the world around you. It becomes a limiting belief.

Though you may encounter plenty of evidence that contradicts the belief you simply filter it out and the belief persists because the belief was not created in the external world. It was created in you and only when you get to the root of the belief, which is the unprocessed feeling that’s been festering in isolation, will you resolve the feeling, reintegrate this part of yourself, and feel whole again.

The result is the dismantling of the limiting belief and this happens instantly.

When this happens it’s very important that you replace the belief with a new, empowering belief immediately. Don’t leave your beliefs up to circumstance and chance. Create them.

This is something you can learn. It’s something you can do for yourself and it’s something you can guide others through.

And this is why I love NLP!

I’ve been through this process for myself a number of times. It’s much easier if you have a good coach to walk you through it and you’ve got to want to do it because it will bring up painful feelings, but once the feelings process they’re gone forever.

Dr. Matt recognized a belief I carried that was severely limiting me from reaching the next level of my potential and in his very unconventional way guided me through to the other end.

He will forever have my gratitude for his help and this is only one of many reasons I’m so excited that he’s coming here November 4th to share his wisdom.

If you haven’t signed up for his talks yet, there’s a good chance that by the time you read this it will be halfway to being sold out.

If you’re interested in learning how to overcome your limiting beliefs and create the you you want to be, sign up now!

Take Care,
Damon Cart
Coach and Trainer

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