Discover What You Have To Prove – It’s Not What You Think



What are you trying to prove?

You may be one of those people who say “I have nothing more to prove.”

My response is that’s bullshit and for your sake I hope you’re wrong.

I hope you have plenty to prove and I hope that reading these emails and watching my videos are helping you do just that.

Do what?

Prove your theories!

What the hell are you talking about Damon?

Glad you asked.

First let’s make a distinction between having something to prove and proving yourself. I wasted nearly half of my life trying to prove myself. It’s impossible. You cannot prove yourself. If you’re trying to prove yourself, quit right now and save yourself a lot of wasted time and a lot of pain and suffering.

You cannot prove something that is clearly so self-evident that to attempt to prove it means you have to pretend like it doesn’t exist. You exist. There is no disputing it. There! Done! You’ve been proved. Let’s move on!

Maybe you’re trying to prove your self-worth or your worthiness. Now we’re getting into sticky territory. This is what I struggled with when I say I wasted nearly half of my life. I thought I was trying to prove myself, but really I was trying to prove myself worthy of….. I’m not sure what I was trying to prove myself worthy of; life perhaps, which is an awful and destitute place in which to approach living.

I’ve written on self-worth already and I’ve even done videos about it so I’m not going to delve into it much here.

Just know that proving your self-worth, as in trying to prove your deservingness to live, to eat, to receive love is just as ridiculous as trying to prove your existence. Your deservingness is self-evident.

The only reason you might not feel like you deserve these things is because it’s likely someone else, through their limited communication (not yours), said something to you are did something that implied you needed to first deserve their attention and their love before they gave it to you.

When a baby is born, does it not deserve love immediately? Must the baby first prove itself before it is fed, clothed, and cared for and most importantly, loved?

When you buy a kitten or a puppy, do you demand that it first prove itself before you feed it, pet it, and show it affection

Then why would you put such ridiculous demands on yourself? Drop this right now. You deserve to live, to eat, to love and receive love and to give and receive affection. End of story.

Let’s move on.

What do you have to prove when we separate out proving your existence and proving your worthiness?

You have the answer to this. I don’t.

What do you think is possible? What do you think is impossible but you’re drawn to trying it? What is it you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t started? What challenges you and even frustrates you but you keep coming back to?

The answers to these questions are the theories that are begging you to test them.

“But I’ve got nothing to prove.”

What if scientists started saying this? They would immediately destroy their profession. Scientists are supposed to study, hypothesize, experiment, theorize, experiment some more, and test their theories.

A good scientist does not become emotionally attached to their theories because they know when they test their theories and the theory falls apart, they learn the truth, which is the ultimate goal. They learn the truth about what is possible and what is not true and the journey takes a new direction.

Become a scientist of your own life. Study, hypothesize, experiment, theorize, experiment some more and most importantly test your theories about you and your life. Do not be attached to your theories. You will learn more when your theory is tested and it falls apart.

When your theories are proven wrong, know that it means nothing about your existence or your self-worth. Theories are proven wrong all of the time in science and yet scientists continue to innovate and create new theories.

Do you want to write a book? Can you? If you believe you can, test your theory. Go for it!

The same goes for dropping 40 pounds, running a marathon, getting your doctorate, making 6 figures a year, repairing relationships, etc. Can you? Probably. Test your theories.

With every learning, use it to keep moving forward. Keep theorizing and keep attempting to prove your theories. The rewards are endless.


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