How To Deal With People of Higher Status Than You And Create Greater Influence


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Status can take many forms like wealth, beauty, political power, corporate ladder, and even physical strength.

Nine years ago when I opened my first business immediately I was dealing with people who had more money and much higher status in the community than me. I was young, new to insurance, new to business, and nearly broke.

To say it was intimidating is an understatement. I thought at any moment people, especially the ones who I perceived to be of higher status than me, would call me out and accuse me of not knowing what I was doing.

Like you I’ve also confronted status as an employee and in dating. Many times I wanted to leave the game behind altogether, but I realized I would never have the success I wanted if I gave up.

Managing status, especially dealing with people who are perceived as of a higher status than you is not going away any time soon and the better you understand status and how to manage and navigate it the more successful and influential you will become.

Continuing the conversation with Dr. Matt, we explore status, including Dr. Matt’s celebrity status in Poland.

In this video he gives practical and pragmatic ways of dealing with people of higher status, creating value, and becoming more influential.

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