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Some people say that with Sleight of Mouth you can

Win Every Argument, Conquer Every Negotiation,
Close Every Sale, And Eliminate All Objections…

– Dr. Harlan Kilstein

If you’ve felt held back in your life because other people were getting the best of you in an argument and you never knew what to say to get them to change their minds…

Those days are over.

“Sleight of Mouth” is an NLP persuasion skill that has been the secret weapon for some NLP Giants over the years.

“This is the stuff Tony Robbins does on stage but never teaches.”

– Sales Manager for Robbins Research International

Sleight of Mouth is also the skill of choice for Sales Teams all over the world. WHY?

Sleight of Mouth is beautifully conversational.

Because no one wants to “be sold.” They are afraid of making a mistake in a purchase. And just when you think they’re going to say yes, they come up with an objection you were unprepared
for. And chances are, the sale is lost.

Most salespeople are happy if they close at a 20 to 40% rate. But what if your sales closed at an 80-90% rate? Or your copy converted 17% or more? You know what that would do for your
bottom line?

With Sleight of Mouth, you can be sure that at least one of its 14 patterns will fit every single objection you will find in persuasion.
For some people you may only need to use one line. For others, it may take two or three lines until their defenses begin to crumble. And when that happens…you’ve closed the sale or won the

It’s just a matter of knowing which pattern to use at the right time. And that’s what this Sleight of Mouth training is all about. It’s about making these patterns
intuitive and automatic so you’ll know what to say so the person will close the sale themselves. And if you use these in sales, negotiations, or in print, you’ll see your conversion rates skyrocket.

Here’s why…

There are two distinct forms of Japanese martial arts. In Karate, you use brute force, chops, punches and kicks to subdue your opponent. To be really good in Karate, you need to be in
great shape and have lots of energy.

But there’s another form of martial arts that is lesser known. It’s called Aikido. In this form, you take all of your opponent’s energy and use it against them. Here, you don’t need to be in great
shape. In fact, an aging grandmother who knows Aikido can render a mugger harmless with one hand.

Sleight of Mouth is Verbal Aikido

Here’s what a past attendee said:

“Doug O’Brien is a master teacher, offering skills that will have a huge impact on your life.
He has a wonderful way of making the complex easy for people to grasp.”

– Nancy Raimondo

You will be Simply Unstoppable
You owe it to yourself to discover the power of this Verbal Aikido as you begin to close more sales, persuade more people, and turn all of your “no’s” into “yes’s”.

Sleight of Mouth with Doug O’Brien
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