Sensory Acuity

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Course Description

Trainer: Logan Christopher and Damon Cart

The Foundation of NLP – Sensory Acuity

Key Concepts

  • This Step by Step Program Gives You Real Skill at Reading People Better than 99% of the Population.
  • The Sad Fact is Many People Are Walking Around ALMOST Deaf and Blind.
  • Instead, Find Out How You Can SUPERCHARGE Your Senses…I’ve trained with a number of high level NLP trainers.

One time in front of the class the trainer asked me to think of somebody that I loved. I did. Then he told me to think of someone who loved me. I did without saying one word. But he said to me, “It’s the same person,” and he was right!

How did he know? Actually its really easy…once you know how.

A few years later another trainer asked another student to picture her house. She did. At this point I had some training so I knew a little bit what was going on. But what he saw amazed us all.

“She made one picture here that was this far out and concave, flipped to a second picture over here briefly, then went back to the first.”


She confirmed this was correct.

(Most people don’t even have the calibration skills necessary to know this. Thus you can know MORE about the thought processes of people you interact with than they know themselves.)

The Benefits of Sensory Acuity
  • Calibrate Coaching Clients being Stuck or Making Breakthru’s
  • Improve Persuasion and Sales Skills
  • A Variety of Ways to Help Spot if they’re Lying
  • Learn More About How Your Brain Works…and Getting it to Function Better
  • Strengthen All Your Senses
  • Increased Empathy and Influence When You Want It
  • And Much More
Have You Ever Wanted to Figure People Out?

I know I have. And although this isn’t a crystal ball the first time you hear…

“How did you know that?”

…because of what you’ve picked up, it feels pretty good. And the truth is it is even easier than you might imagine.

You may not know their exact thoughts, but through sensory acuity you can understand HOW they’re thinking much better.

Introducing the NLP-Gym Sensory Acuity Course

Sensory Acuity Workshop Over 5 Hours of Video ($197 Value)From our Sensory Acuity Workshop you’ll be able to watch and participate in all the drills. Covers visual, auditory, kinesthetic sensory acuity in so much detail. Rave reviews from all the attendees.

As downloadable videos you’ll have immediate access. The best part is you can rewind, pause and re-watch any segment so you can train your senses to pick up the information there.

Workshop MP3 Audios ($97 Value)Also included are the MP3 files so that you can listen to the training. This won’t give you the visual information but can help you better train your auditory skills.

Plus they’re a great way to train while driving your car…

The workshop videos come from a special one day workshop led by NLP Master Practitioner’s Logan Christopher and Damon Cart. And its in a room full of people that already have trained in NLP.

  • You’ll get to see example after example as all the crucial sensory details are pointed out.
  • You’ll learn a variety of drills to practice yourself and with friends.
  • You’ll enhance your practice with NLP drills and other tips and tricks to give you best results.

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The total value of everything here is $343.

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Only $49That’s over five hours of video and audio plus..


365 Day NLP Calibration and Flexibility Practice Workbook ($49 Value)

You get 365 days worth of sensory acuity training. A full year of drills to practice.

This actually goes beyond just sensory acuity. Throughout this training you’ll gain skills in meta programs, meta model distinctions, the Milton Model, beliefs, rapport building and breaking, pacing and leading and train your own flexibility.

You’ll be able to download the PDF right away.

And we’ll also be shipping you a paperback copy of this workbook so you can write in it to best enhance your skills.

365 Days worth of training? That comes out to less than 11 cents per day. Aren’t your skills in reading people and what you can do with that worth just over a dime per day?

After the transfer you’ll immediately be taken to the Secret Download Page where you can grab all of the files and download them to your computer.

Sensory Acuity forms the foundation of your training. So the question you have to ask yourself is do you want to become a Master or a Wannabe?


Logan Christopher and Damon Cart

P.S. When you first come to see how good other people are at sensory acuity it can feel overwhelming. But have no fear we’ll get you started simply. Going through the workshop videos alone will give you skills far beyond most people. Then when you finish the year long training manual you’ll surely be in the top 1%.



  • Sensory Acuity Course 

    • Video
    • Audio
    • Calibration and Flexibility Practice Workbook