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Top Innovator and Trainer in NLP and Neuro Semantics L. Michael Hall says to you…


Athletes talk about being “in the zone.” Peak Performers talk about being in “flow.”
Everyday people talk about a “peak experience”,”being all there” or a “stroke of genius”.

We say Yes it can…and we are audacious enough to say that we know how to do it!

Yet whatever you call it — can it be taught?
Can it be detected and developed?
Can it be identified and unleashed?

W   While everybody is born to be a potential genius, most people never find or release their inner genius. Why not?

  • They may not know that genius is possible for them.
  • They have a limiting belief: They believe they do not have the possibility of genius.
  • They may think it is only possible for others.
  • They may fear their genius.
  • They may think it’s possible, but not know how to unleash their genius.
  • They may have a dozen excuses for avoiding embracing this possibility.

Genius is a state of being fully present and completely engaged so that you have a laser-beam focus and all your resources available.

And when you know the secrets of how to access this special state, you will find that it is not that mysterious.



T This workshop is designed to enable you to unleash your inner genius so that in all of your engagements, you can be all there, so that you can be in the flow state and experience peak experiences and take your skills and competencies to peak levels of performance, so that you can be fully present, in the moment, and enjoying having all your resources available.

Slay your dragons and discover your pathway to personal mastery.

Once you discover the secrets for “running your own brain” then developing and living your personal genius is a piece a cake!

Okay, so what are the signs of genius?

  • The ability to focus all of one’s attention and energy.
  • The ability to step in and out of that focus state at will.
  • Fully engaged in a passion that excites and makes life meaningful.
  • A sense of being in control of your mind, emotions, and body (self-mastery).
  • A strong sense of self-acceptance, appreciation, and even awe.
  • The ego-strength to look reality in the face and enjoy the challenge.
  • The resilience to bounce back with vitality from set-backs and disappointments.
  • Living from a robust sense of self-efficiency.
  • The efficiency to take effective action on what you know and make it happen.
  • The playful curiosity of an explorer enjoying every day and step.
  • The ability to manage your states and get yourself to do what you want to do.


A APG is a three-day training that introduces the Meta-States model and uses it to facilitate you to access your personal genius states. These states are also known as being in “the zone” or at your personal best and so gives you a practical way of stepping into the “flow” state at will.

And why? Primarily so that when you need to be totally present in some activity, you can be all there with a laser-beam focus with all of your resources available. Would that improve the quality of your life?

Meta-States is a model about the higher levels of your mind wherein are your beliefs, decisions, identities, understandings, concepts, principles, values, etc. This model explores how your self-reflexive consciousness works to layer level upon level of thoughts and feelings to create your personal matrix of frames. The value of that? So that you become the CEO of your own mind setting the policies, directions, and beliefs that will support you. And when you do that, you develop personal mastery.

In APG, you will experience 14 patterns that make up the prerequisites for awakening and developing your own personal genius: curiosity, playfulness, self-esteem, personal power, ownership, pleasure, concepts, intentionality, focus, and much more.

To attend APG there are no prerequisites except a passion for unleashing your potentials and actualizing your highest values and best visions.

  • Discover the structure of personal mastery and genius.
  • Make a commitment to your own professional and personal success by learning how to use you’re your own brain and manage the higher levels of your mind.
  • Discover how to manage your states.
  • Experience how to take an intentional stance and make your everyday attentions serve your highest intentions. (This will fix ADD)
  • Get your ego out of your way as you can tap into your gifts and passions. How? By framing yourself with unconditional self-esteem.
  • Align your best and highest frames so you can live, speak, and behave living with more focus, power, vitality, pleasure, and personal congruence.


A APG training is also about creativity—the creativity of your higher mind. As you experience the reflexivity of the layers of your mind, you will have a way to control the higher levels of your mind, to set new frames, to execute your highest intentions, and to create new resources.

If you try to gain mastery over your mind, emotions, and behaviors by dealing with the immediate and surface things “on your mind,” you are ignoring the actual source of your

states —the higher levels. It’s like attempting to change a company by dealing with the receptionist while ignoring the CEO and senior management team who sets the policies and delegates the funds.Learning how to take your mind up-and-up and away into the higher reaches enables you to access your higher executive powers for personal mastery. Then you can translate your goals and great ideas into actual performance. In APG you will discover the prerequisites of genius and meta-state those qualities to yourself as you design the quality of states to make you creative, confident, compassionate, and playful. You’ll then experience the transformative power that comes with detecting and transforming your internal dragons, those that have been sabotaging your best efforts in career and personal relationships, and health.

APG is the introductory training in Meta-States. As you discover the reflexivity of your mind you will be able to apply your best ideas and principles to yourself. This will eliminate the need to manipulate and it will create the foundation for the power of congruency.

Benefits from “Accessing Personal Genius” Training

  • Accelerated learning state of mind.
  • Expanded creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Unconditionally esteem yourself as a person beyond what you do.
  • Eliminate self-depreciating thoughts.
  • Eliminate old limiting beliefs.
  • Install new empowering beliefs.
  • Manage internal dragons via slaying, taming, or transforming them.
  • Develop a good relationship to ideas as you eliminate semantic reactions to words and concepts and unplug your buttons.
  • Own your power for proactive response-ability.
  • Think outside the box with a new creativity. Step aside from the kind of thinking that creates problems.
  • Embody great ideas and concepts into your muscle-memory.
  • Put more pleasure and joy in life via accessing your strategy of meta-level pleasuring.
  • De-pleasure activities that have become harmfully addictive or over-loaded with too much pleasure.
  • Take an intentional stance with your highest objectives and values.
  • Eliminate attention deficit with intentional fullness.
  • Develop a laser beam focus for a healthy genius state.
  • Graciously handle interruptions via discreet state shifting skills.
  • Use personal congruence via alignment for a higher level of personal integrity and credibility.

A Training in Attitude Adjustment…

I In Accessing Personal Genius you will learn how to effectively work with your “attitude” and the attitudes of others. The reason is because an “attitude” is made up of multiple layers of meta-states. That’s why Meta-States training enables you to choose your attitude, give yourself t he needed attitude adjustments that will turn you lose to follow your passion, and recognize the attitudes that you carry with you unconsciously.

As you already know, in every area of life attitude is more important than knowledge and even skill.

Attitude governs health, ability to succeed, getting along with people, seeing and seizing the opportunities around us, to stay motivated, to be resilient, etc. Yet what tools do we have for managing our “attitudes?”As higher level states or frames of mind, the Meta-States model gives you the tools to work with and adjust your attitudes. With the patterns in APG you will be able to work with and refine your attitudes, eliminate negative attitudes, and create new empowering attitudes of optimism and confidence.

In APG you will also learn cutting-edge patterns such as Mind-to-Muscle, Excuse Blow Out, Opening up Belief Systems. You will discover how to quickly change beliefs, transform internal “dragons” or unresourceful states, and enter the Matrix of your mind to change that matrix at will.

Here is what will be covered in each of the three days:


Day 1

Eliminate the Interferences to Genius

  • Clear the path by meta-stating negative emotions and conceptual states.
  • Discover how to slay and tame “dragons.”
  • Enjoy the wonder of “as if” or possibility thinking.
  • Learn how to coach your body how to fully and completely feel the greatest and most inspiring ideas that you know.

Day 2

Welcome to the Dynamic Matrix of your Mind and take “the Red Pill”

  • An introduction to the Meta-States model for working with your self-reflexive consciousness.
  • Discover how to apply one mind-body state to another state to create a meta or higher state.
  • Learn how to meta-state yourself with resourceful frames like learning, joy, curiosity, respect.
  • Meta-state awareness of your core powers with a sense of ownership and appreciation.
  • Create self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-esteem.
  • Discover how to transform your mere thoughts into empowering beliefs.
  • Discover how to meta-pleasure yourself and others.

Day 3

Step in and out of “Flow” at Will

  • Use your highest intentionality to align all your everyday attentions.
  • Discover how to step in and out of the focus state of genius at your will.
  • Blow-out excuses to stop excusing yourself from excellence.
  • Align yourself for congruency for your own personal power.
Once again, you do NOT need any prior experience in using meta-states or even in NLP to attend and gain from this training. (Though if you do have NLP experience that is great and this training will boost your skills to another level.)

Accessing Personal Genius with L. Michael Hall
Full Price $499Early Bird Special $399 OnlyDeadline for Signup 2/28/2016
March 18th – 20th
Santa Cruz, CA

100% Money Back Guarantee

I If you’re not WOWED with what you learn and the transformations that take place during this workshop by the middle of Saturday let us know.

We’ll give you 100% of your money back.

We’re putting OUR money where our mouth is. We believe in the power of these ideas that much.

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