What is Wealth Gym?

By Damon Cart
There are three categories of people who will benefit most from this upcoming Wealth Gym workshop. For those of you who are so close to where you want to be financially, this workshop will be the puzzle piece that suddenly completes the picture for you.
Some of you will benefit immediately from this workshop and you will still have work to do on yourself and we’ll give you the tools that you

Present State Vs Desired State

Easily glossed over early in Practitioner training the Present State/Desired State is an essential piece of NLP. We focus on state rather than the outcome because it is presupposed that we have all the resources we need. Another way to describe the present state, in comparison to the desired state, is a state of lack or scarcity, something that is keeping us from feeling whole. By connecting with not just the object, material, or achievement

Transforming Your Self

Your identity gives you a sense of stability, which is one of its important characteristics, but it is also fluid and changeable. For example, no matter where you go, there you are. You walk into another room or you fly to another country and you’re still you. When you were born you were, were in a sense, the same you you are today and yet you’re not the same person you were then or when