What’s Wrong With Your Life?

If you read that title and you immediately pulled out a laundry list of things in your life you wish were different, it’s likely not what’s on the list but how you perceive the things on your list that makes it wrong.
If you have a category in your mind of all the wrong things in your life do you also have a list of everything that’s right or wonderful about your life? If

Can NLP Help You Find Your Special Someone on Valentine’s Day?

It’s a tall order to use NLP to find your special someone today unless you’re already highly skilled and you’re very clear about what you want. It can be done though!
Chances are you’ve heard of using NLP for seduction. That’s not really what this email is about though depending on your responses I may address it in future emails.
So what am I talking about?
NLP is about better communication. It’s also about

Anchoring Transition? Who Would Have Thought?

Here is an excellent article about anchoring from one of my mentors Steve Andreas.
Selecting a Resource to Anchor
Steve is in a category all his own as a NLP practitioner, modeler, scientist, artist (Don’t tell him I called him an artist. He prefers scientist). He and his wife Connirae wrote the first readable books on NLP.
He is also the creator of the Self-Concept model I will be teaching in Brisbane, Australia March

Are You Down With the L in NLP?

The ability to persuade, overcome objections, and negotiate outlandish deals in your favor is what attracts many people to NLP.
Unfortunately though when you take NLP trainings very little emphasis is given to the L in NLP. The truth is there aren’t many trainers, even highly skilled and world renowned trainers, who can apply language patterns in everyday situations effectively.
It is like learning a new language. You can memorize words and patterns but

The Magic is Not in the Wand

NLP students often put more emphasis on techniques and processes than skill.
Techniques and processes are no doubt important, but without practicing them and without developing your skills they won’t be as nearly as effective as they could be.
Ever try out a new recipe in the kitchen? And even though the recipe is a great recipe complete with every detail, ingredient, and direction on how to cook it, you still couldn’t make it

Use NLP to Decide Which Presidential Candidate to Vote for!

I’m amazed at how much political fiction sold as political fact crosses the internet highways of social media as we draw closer to presidential elections.
People see information in their Facebook or Twitter feed and if they agree with it they share it without ever taking a few seconds to verify whether or not it’s true.
Opinions are different. We can share our opinions or someone else’s opinions on social media without trying to

State of Power

Client: I don’t even drive these cars so why am I paying so much to insure them?
Me: You don’t drive them?
Client: Nope.
Me: Then why do you insure them and why do you even own them?
Client: Well I do drive them sometimes.
And it went on like this for 20 minutes until he hung up on me.
“Wow! I’m amazed at how you can keep so cool dealing with difficult clients

Who Are You?

You are the sum total of how you process, categorize, and store information you take in from your five senses.
In other words you are how you relate to the world based on your choices.
You select and collect experiences, which is a form of choosing. How you select and collect these experiences informs how you will make future choices.
This is what makes change and transformation possible. Make a different choice, change the

One of the Biggest Mistakes NLPers Make

I come across people at varying stages along the NLP journey and by far the most common mistake I encounter is people attending advanced trainings who do not know the Meta Model. When I say “know” the Meta Model I don’t mean know of it. I mean that you understand it and can use it.
The Meta Model is the core foundation of NLP. It’s where NLP started and the structure of the model


Accessing A Genius
Part 4
The next day at the conference I found Dr. Hall talking to three of the attendees. I stood next to them and waited my turn. After everyone had a chance to ask him a question I jumped in.
“How many books have you written?” I asked.
“Fifty-five,” he said (may be more by now).
“How much time do you spend writing every day?”
“Thirty minutes.”
We got