Personal Development Revolution – Dr. Matt Part 2

I didn’t want to take up all of Dr. Matt’s free time but at every break and at lunch time all I wanted to do was
find out more about the technology he had created. When I’m curious and when I want something I can be a bit obsessive.
He didn’t seem at all put off by my machine gun style of questioning.
I found out that in addition to years of

Personal Development Revolution – Dr. Matt Part 1

You may be wondering what all of the fuss is about. Why do I keep going on and on about Dr. Matt?
Here is the story.
Once upon a time… about four months ago in San Diego at a hypnosis training, the class broke to pair up with partners for an exercise on the very first day of the course. I saw a bearded man who looked about my age, maybe a few years

What Happened To You?

Did something happen to you or for you? Or did it just happen?
We often think of events, especially the ones we don’t like, as happening to us when really they’re just happening and we personalize it and often that makes it worse.
You can make a solid argument that if someone calls you an asshole that this action was done to you. I won’t deny that. However, how useful is it

Triggered! & Dr. Matt Is Coming

Dr. Matt will be giving three talks in Santa Cruz, CA November 4th. Click here for more details!
Ever been triggered?
What happened? Who did it to you? What did you do about it?
So many people are being triggered these days. Some are triggered when they hear someone being politically incorrect. Others are triggered by political correctness or when you point out to them that they’re not being politically correct.

What Is He Communicating When He’s Not Talking?

I hear this a lot from women. When their men aren’t talking, not sharing their feelings, they get curious and sometimes they get concerned.
In this video I discuss with Dr. Matt what we’re thinking and communicating in a relationship when we’re not talking.
Dr. Matt and I can’t read every man’s mind so we don’t discuss the content of what each individual man might be thinking at any particular time.

Power of Non-verbal Communication

We mostly focus on verbal communication, the words we speak, as the most important element of how we communicate. However, verbal communication accounts for only about a third of our communication.
So why do we focus on it so much?

Because focus is something we do in the conscious mind. The conscious mind is exactly that, our focus of attention.
Demonstrations of hate are unsettling and most of us will shake

Psychology of Hate With Dr. Matt

After the Charlottesville attack and the somewhat normalization of hate groups in this country like Neo Nazis and the KKK I went in search of answers.
I’ve known about these hate groups since I was a kid. They’re nothing new, but what I was surprised by was the numbers of them and their willingness to be seen without masks or hoods on national television.
It’s not uncommon for these groups to secretly

The NLP Trap – How To Avoid It

VideoThe NLP trap?
“I thought NLP was supposed to free me from my limitations and help me actualize my potential and create unlimited success and happiness.”
Yes! That’s what it should be doing. How many of you are experiencing that right now?
As you learn NLP you hit those moments where you break through and you make progress; sometimes leaps ahead of where you were and you grow and evolve. These are amazing

Why Personal Branding & Social Media Are So Important Even If You Don’t Own A Business

Click!Back with another thought provoking conversation with Poland’s most popular personal development trainer and coach Dr. Matt.
Dr. Matt has a PhD in economics and did his thesis on Youtube. Regardless if you’re a business owner or an employee, ignoring personal branding in social medial could be a crucial mistake.

Whether you realize it or not, if you’re on the internet, you’re branding yourself every time you post a comment, a picture,

Is NLP A Pseudoscience?

For Video Link: CLICK HERE!
Someone on my list named Derick emailed me a Youtube video of Loy Machedo attempting to shred NLP to pieces calling it a pseudoscience and said that it’s not worth the money to learn NLP.
Don’t know who Loy Machedo is? Really? Seriously?
Neither do I. Well… I suppose I sort of know who he is now.
Before I get into that, you may have noticed that I