Learning NLP Is Not What You Want – First Day Of NLP Practitioner Training

This was my opening talk on the first day of the practitioner training that took place this past weekend.
NLP is about understanding desire and want and how we project what we want onto the world around us. Really what we want can only be found in the one projecting, not on the screen of what is being projected.
Learning NLP is not what you want. What you want is what you believe

Altered States – What You Need To Know About NLP, Hypnosis, & Meditation

Reminder: Just 2 spots left 1 spot left for the NLP Ultimate Online Practitioner Training.
Spots are still available for the live training as well. Email me if you’re interested in either. Live training starts in a week.
What is an altered state and why are altered states important?
According to Google an altered state is: a state of mind that differs from the normal state of consciousness, typically one induced by

What Are You Using NLP For? What You Need To Know

This email is going to be a bit random so I will drop the subjects in front of you upfront so you know what you’re in for:

1. Why using NLP for something specific leads to using it for everything
2. What am I reading and why you should too?
3. Why am I giving something away for free without any strings attached?
1. Someone commented on a video I made back

You Shouldn’t Learn NLP

“If you can be talked out of doing something it’s probably a good thing. You probably aren’t committed enough to make it anyway.” Is what they told me in film school when I mentioned going to Hollywood.
I look back on things people talked me out of doing. For some I’m really happy I took their advice and some things I wish I had done. But I don’t regret not doing them because

#1 Reason You’re Not Using NLP Effectively

A few spots still remain for The Ultimate Practitioner training starting in June. More on that in a moment.
There’s a reason people say things like “military-like precision” when speaking of something that is incredibly effective. It’s because the military has a few things figured out when it comes to training people to accomplish extraordinary tasks.
The military doesn’t dabble. When it comes to anything you want to be really good at, neither

Top 3 NLP Techniques You Already Use & Don’t Realize It

“I already do that!” Says so many people when I teach them NLP.
But were you aware you were doing that before I pointed it out to you? Now that you are aware of it you can optimize these until now internal processes in order to make them work for you instead of them happening haphazardly.
Essentially that is NLP; becoming aware of your Neuro Linguistic Programs so that you can take

What Happened?

“What happened? Are you okay? You haven’t posted any blogs or videos in a while? Where are you?”
Yes it’s true it’s been nearly two months since I’ve sent an email and posted a blog or a video.
Thank you to all of you who were concerned and emailed or sent messages through Facebook to check in on me. That’s very kind of you and it really warmed my heart.
I’m okay, actually

Last Chance & My Gift To You

For Video Link: CLICK HERE!
Tonight at midnight the Early Bird Pricing for Inside-Out Wealth ends.
Here is the webinar in case you missed it on the 7 Myths of Wealth Creation. It’s a snapshot of what is covered in the workshop. There is tremendous value in it. It’s worth your time to watch.
Take Care,
Damon Cart
Coach and Trainer
P.S. If you know a friend who would benefit from

7 Secrets of Wealth Creation By MultiMillionaire Dr. L. Michael Hall Part 3

For Video Link: CLICK HERE!
From the first two parts of this email series you learned that Dr. Hall came from a humble background. After using NLP to model wealth creators he created a model that brought him from $500 to $2 million.
You also learned what wealth is not “wealth is surprisingly, paradoxically not about money.”
We also unveiled 7 Secrets of Wealth Creation.
Here they are again:
1) Wealth Creation

What is Opportunity Cost & How Can It Hurt You?

Google defines Opportunity Cost as “the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.”
When we make a choice and it doesn’t produce the results we want we obviously have lost a potential gain by not choosing an alternative that might have produced the results we wanted.
But there’s good news. At least you have a reference experience now which gives you perspective and context. In other words, you at