I Used To Think NLP Could

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How To Learn NLP & NOT Become Arrogant Or Narcissistic

Is it true that learning NLP can make you arrogant and narcissistic? ……Well yes, it’s true.
More on that in a moment.
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Number 1 Myth About NLP Training

What is the number one myth about NLP trainings?
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2 Things NLP Gurus Don’t Want You To Know

What don’t NLP gurus want you to know?
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How To Learn NLP

Most of my videos and blogs are about what to learn in NLP, but the question I keep getting from people is “How to learn NLP?”
Before I get into that, I’ve received inquiries about the upcoming enrollment for my online practitioner training. People are asking about how to sign up and how much it’s going to cost.
You can’t sign up yet. Enrollment will open January 6th and it will

Learn NLP & Harness The Power of the Unconscious Mind

Why learn NLP?
I’ll start off with the “How” first with this announcement
January 6th will begin open enrollment for my online practitioner training. For the past six months I’ve been teaching, videoing, writing, editing, and making powerpoint slides to create the most comprehensive- leave nothing out- NLP practitioner training in the world!
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I don’t know that it’s the best

Discover What You Have To Prove – It’s Not What You Think

What are you trying to prove?
You may be one of those people who say “I have nothing more to prove.”
My response is that’s bullshit and for your sake I hope you’re wrong.
I hope you have plenty to prove and I hope that reading these emails and watching my videos are helping you do just that.
Do what?
Prove your theories!
What the hell are you talking about Damon?

Why Effective Strategies Aren’t Enough

You have effective strategies for everything you do. You even have effective strategies for creating your problems.
All behavior has an intent. Between intent and behavior is a strategy to execute that behavior. This awareness and the coding of this structure was the totality of what NLP was in the early 1980s.NLP Volume 1 was the first book to bear the name NLP and describe strategies in depth.
It’s a difficult

How To Stay Motivated – NLP Secrets

How do people stay motivated to shed weight and keep it off? How do people stay motivated in sales to keep making calls everyday? How do people stay motivated to finish that novel or nurture a relationship?
I get questions like this quite often especially from my coaching clients.
So what is the sexy, NLP secret to lasting motivation?
It’s not really sexy and it’s debatable whether you can call it NLP.

Your Fantasies Are Robbing You

While I had Dr. Matt with me I wanted to address a question someone had posted on our last video on the NLP Gym Youtube channel, ‘Why Focusing On Your Happiness Is Making You Unhappy‘.
The question is, “Is obsessive fantasizing a symptom or trap in the faulty foundation to seek happiness?”
It’s a really good question so I showed it to Dr. Matt and he had a lot to say about