What Is He Communicating When He’s Not Talking?

I hear this a lot from women. When their men aren’t talking, not sharing their feelings, they get curious and sometimes they get concerned.
In this video I discuss with Dr. Matt what we’re thinking and communicating in a relationship when we’re not talking.
Dr. Matt and I can’t read every man’s mind so we don’t discuss the content of what each individual man might be thinking at any particular time.

Power of Non-verbal Communication

We mostly focus on verbal communication, the words we speak, as the most important element of how we communicate. However, verbal communication accounts for only about a third of our communication.
So why do we focus on it so much?

Because focus is something we do in the conscious mind. The conscious mind is exactly that, our focus of attention.
Demonstrations of hate are unsettling and most of us will shake

Psychology of Hate With Dr. Matt

After the Charlottesville attack and the somewhat normalization of hate groups in this country like Neo Nazis and the KKK I went in search of answers.
I’ve known about these hate groups since I was a kid. They’re nothing new, but what I was surprised by was the numbers of them and their willingness to be seen without masks or hoods on national television.
It’s not uncommon for these groups to secretly

The NLP Trap – How To Avoid It

VideoThe NLP trap?
“I thought NLP was supposed to free me from my limitations and help me actualize my potential and create unlimited success and happiness.”
Yes! That’s what it should be doing. How many of you are experiencing that right now?
As you learn NLP you hit those moments where you break through and you make progress; sometimes leaps ahead of where you were and you grow and evolve. These are amazing

Why Personal Branding & Social Media Are So Important Even If You Don’t Own A Business

Click!Back with another thought provoking conversation with Poland’s most popular personal development trainer and coach Dr. Matt.
Dr. Matt has a PhD in economics and did his thesis on Youtube. Regardless if you’re a business owner or an employee, ignoring personal branding in social medial could be a crucial mistake.

Whether you realize it or not, if you’re on the internet, you’re branding yourself every time you post a comment, a picture,

Is NLP A Pseudoscience?

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Someone on my list named Derick emailed me a Youtube video of Loy Machedo attempting to shred NLP to pieces calling it a pseudoscience and said that it’s not worth the money to learn NLP.
Don’t know who Loy Machedo is? Really? Seriously?
Neither do I. Well… I suppose I sort of know who he is now.
Before I get into that, you may have noticed that I

How To Deal With People of Higher Status Than You And Create Greater Influence

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Status can take many forms like wealth, beauty, political power, corporate ladder, and even physical strength.
Nine years ago when I opened my first business immediately I was dealing with people who had more money and much higher status in the community than me. I was young, new to insurance, new to business, and nearly broke.
To say it was intimidating is an understatement. I thought at any

How To Become More Persuasive & Influential Using Advanced Calibration

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The conversation with Dr. Matt continues.
Using Advanced Calibration for greater influence and persuasion is another topic we discuss here. Dr. Matt’s calibration skills go beyond any I’ve ever seen and his ability goes beyond what I’ve seen taught in NLP trainings.
This is something he was not born with and just like teaching people to learn a language in 7 days he can also teach

How To Learn A Language In 7 Days – Mixed Mental Arts 1

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I was down in San Diego last week attending a hypnosis training and I met a rare and fascinating talent. His name is Mateusz Grzesiak; also known as Dr. Matt.
He’s perhaps the most celebrated personal development coach and trainer in Poland. Though he’s done many years of NLP training with both Richard Bandler and John Grinder among many other top trainers, he calls what he does Interdisciplinary

Be Good! Be Even Better! NLP Techniques Anchoring

I’m at Trance Camp with Steve Gilligan in San Diego, CA marinating in hypnotic trance all day so unfortunately I don’t have much time to write, but I wanted to share a part of an email that one of my coaching clients gave me permission to share with you:
I have worked for years with numerous psychologist , psychiatrist , etc. trying to find help. Looking for some kind of resolution, just some