How To Become More Persuasive & Influential Using Advanced Calibration


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The conversation with Dr. Matt continues.

Using Advanced Calibration for greater influence and persuasion is another topic we discuss here. Dr. Matt’s calibration skills go beyond any I’ve ever seen and his ability goes beyond what I’ve seen taught in NLP trainings.

This is something he was not born with and just like teaching people to learn a language in 7 days he can also teach you to size up situations and people just by observing them to the point that your friends might think your psychic.

This might be thought of as an unfair advantage when it comes to persuasion, sales, and marketing but actually it’s the highest form of respect to really want to understand someone and meeting them where they are knowing who they are before they even know you.

Enjoy this video. More are coming.

Dr. Matt also offered to give me a PDF that teaches how to learn and practice Advanced Calibration. I haven’t received it from him yet so I’ll have to send it to you in my next email.

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