State of Power

Client: I don’t even drive these cars so why am I paying so much to insure them?
Me: You don’t drive them?
Client: Nope.
Me: Then why do you insure them and why do you even own them?
Client: Well I do drive them sometimes.
And it went on like this for 20 minutes until he hung up on me.
“Wow! I’m amazed at how you can keep so cool dealing with difficult clients

Who Are You?

You are the sum total of how you process, categorize, and store information you take in from your five senses.
In other words you are how you relate to the world based on your choices.
You select and collect experiences, which is a form of choosing. How you select and collect these experiences informs how you will make future choices.
This is what makes change and transformation possible. Make a different choice, change the

One of the Biggest Mistakes NLPers Make

I come across people at varying stages along the NLP journey and by far the most common mistake I encounter is people attending advanced trainings who do not know the Meta Model. When I say “know” the Meta Model I don’t mean know of it. I mean that you understand it and can use it.
The Meta Model is the core foundation of NLP. It’s where NLP started and the structure of the model


Accessing A Genius
Part 4
The next day at the conference I found Dr. Hall talking to three of the attendees. I stood next to them and waited my turn. After everyone had a chance to ask him a question I jumped in.
“How many books have you written?” I asked.
“Fifty-five,” he said (may be more by now).
“How much time do you spend writing every day?”
“Thirty minutes.”
We got


Accessing A Genius
Part 3
On the panel that night at NLP University’s 40th NLP Anniversary Celebration was Robert Dilts, Ian McDermott, Frank Pucelik, and Cristina Hall (no relation to Michael).
Frank Pucelik had dominated every panel he was on with his loud voice and charismatic and yet somewhat polarizing words. He also sat right next to Dr. Hall this evening. For sure, I thought, Dr. Hall was going to be nearly nonexistent among


Accessing A Genius
Part 2
At NLP University this past summer I attended the 40th Anniversary of NLP Celebration, which lasted seven days. Throughout the week several world renowned trainers arrived and departed.
Dr. L. Michael Hall arrived midweek. I knew he was coming that day and brought two of his books with me to get signed.
After lunch, when the session resumed, I saw a well dressed man- suit, tie, and slacks- sitting


Accessing A Genius
Part 1
I seek out many teachers and there has been one in particular who has interested me for some time. His name is Dr. L. Michael Hall. Say what you might (and many do from one end of the spectrum to the other about his work) he is the most prolific author of NLP books to date having authored more than 50.
The first time Logan recommended I read one

You’re Uniquely Qualified to do….. Anything

Think about something you’re not good at that you wish you were. How would you like to be so good at it that you could teach it?
That’s the first step in being uniquely qualified to do anything. Know what you want and learn how to do it or get it and you will also be uniquely qualified to teach it.
The importance of teaching is for you to learn what you’re teaching on

How To Do Swish Pattern Properly

Two common mistakes with the Swish Pattern students make either because the Swish Pattern is taught incorrectly or it’s practiced incorrectly is exchanging one behavior for another and the yo yo effect.

When you’re swishing an unwanted behavior to a preferred state you want to choose a positive image that is free of context or behavior. Your positive image should be a disassociated image of an ideal you who has already resolved the dysfunctional

Transforming Negative Qualities

When you think of qualities you would like to have but don’t believe you possess or qualities you feel like you possess only sometimes it’s because you’ve sorted your experiences in such a way that you’re focusing on several examples in your experience that demonstrates the opposite or counter quality.
To transform the way you sort experiences group the counter quality experiences into a gourd where all of the experiences demonstrate the same counter quality