You’re Uniquely Qualified to do….. Anything

Think about something you’re not good at that you wish you were. How would you like to be so good at it that you could teach it?
That’s the first step in being uniquely qualified to do anything. Know what you want and learn how to do it or get it and you will also be uniquely qualified to teach it.
The importance of teaching is for you to learn what you’re teaching on

How To Do Swish Pattern Properly

Two common mistakes with the Swish Pattern students make either because the Swish Pattern is taught incorrectly or it’s practiced incorrectly is exchanging one behavior for another and the yo yo effect.

When you’re swishing an unwanted behavior to a preferred state you want to choose a positive image that is free of context or behavior. Your positive image should be a disassociated image of an ideal you who has already resolved the dysfunctional

Transforming Negative Qualities

When you think of qualities you would like to have but don’t believe you possess or qualities you feel like you possess only sometimes it’s because you’ve sorted your experiences in such a way that you’re focusing on several examples in your experience that demonstrates the opposite or counter quality.
To transform the way you sort experiences group the counter quality experiences into a gourd where all of the experiences demonstrate the same counter quality

Transforming Intelligence with NLP

Interested in making a permanent change to your identity?
We have qualities about ourselves that seem to come and go. Sometimes I’m playful and sometimes I’m not. I can be really creative at times but in many situations I am not.
However, we also have qualities that seem to be with us no matter where we are and regardless of time. For example, if we think of ourselves as intelligent, we tend to think that

CHARISMA by Damon Cart

Charisma often comes up in NLP trainings for trainers. Some NLP Trainer Trainings are even called Charisma Training. Who doesn’t want to be more charismatic especially if you desire speaking in front of large groups of people?
But what the hell is charisma and how do you get more of it?
Who do you think of when you think of someone with charisma? Just off the top of my head I think of

A Useful Approach to Learning NLP Faster Than You Thought Possible by Damon Cart

I often hear the question “What’s the best way to learn NLP?” or “How can I learn NLP quickly?” The answer I often start with and the answer I was often told is practice. It’s an answer that does not satisfy most people but it is the difference that makes the difference when it comes to people who are okay at NLP and people who are great at it. There’s just no way of getting

The Solution Is Often In The Least Represented Repersentational System

By Damon Cart
I heard Tim Hallbom speak the words of the title of this article once during one of his trainings. I don’t know if he was the first to say it or if he heard it from someone else and was just repeating it, but it was something I already knew deep down and had experienced. I just hadn’t put words to it so concisely.
How I had first come to this understanding

Engineering the Quality of Experience Through Meta Programs

The Meta Programs Mixing board was created by imagining Meta Programs on a sound mixing board, the kind a sound engineer in a recording studio slides up and down adding more treble or decreasing the treble, adding more bass or lowering the bass, etc. to balance the qualities of sound while recording a song. Instead of balancing qualities of sound I wondered what it would be like to balance qualities of information sorting (Meta Programs)

Supercharging Influence Through Sensory Acuity

When a NLP trainer stands before a classroom full of students with a demo subject by their side and does a process that seems to work magic; creating a sudden and obvious transformation in the subject, we marvel over the speed and simplicity of it. Unfortunately many of us focus on the process or technique used as if it is the source of the magic. What is often overlooked are the skills the trainer is

Why Persuasion and Influence?

by Damon Cart
The idea that we can become more persuasive and more influential through practice attracts many people to NLP. It also turns others off and some NLP institutes hardly bother with teaching it anymore. Perhaps the reason it’s not being taught in many NLP institutes has more to do with few people really mastering it and doing it with strong ethical principals. In other words, it’s much easier to leave persuasion out of