Your Fantasies Are Robbing You

While I had Dr. Matt with me I wanted to address a question someone had posted on our last video on the NLP Gym Youtube channel, ‘Why Focusing On Your Happiness Is Making You Unhappy‘.
The question is, “Is obsessive fantasizing a symptom or trap in the faulty foundation to seek happiness?”
It’s a really good question so I showed it to Dr. Matt and he had a lot to say about

Why Is Rapport So Important – NLP Techniques

If you’ve ever taken a NLP training or read a NLP book you will hear the word rapport over and over.
What exactly is rapport and why is it so important?
Google defines it as a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.
Think about a conversation you’ve had with someone who you just couldn’t seem to connect with.

Waking Up To Your Unconscious Programming

Greetings from Thailand.
You’ve probably heard me talk about the benefits of travel for your own personal development. I can’t say enough about it.
When you get out of your routine and your everyday habits you’re presented with a unique opportunity; an opportunity to become conscious of your unconscious programming.
Why is this important?
Because it’s likely the solution to nearly all, if not all, of your problems.
This usually doesn’t feel

Dismantling Limiting Beliefs

NLP Practitioner trainings typically focus on behavioral change and state management.
Why don’t these processes always change your behavior when you want them to and why, despite using every state management process in the book do you find yourself still collapsing into an un-resourceful state in a certain context?
These questions are usually answered in a Master Practitioner training (if it’s done well).
The quick answer is that it’s often due to

Truth About Motivation

Many people erroneously think that motivation is something you either have or you don’t or that it’s something you have to generate.
People tell me that I’m a highly motivated person. It’s not really about motivation. I just know what I want.
Knowing what you want, especially knowing what value or values you will fulfill when you have what you want is motivation. Put another way, motivation is a symptom of

Personal Development Revolution – Dr. Matt Final Part

I had already been thinking about how to get Dr. Matt to the U.S. to share his technology with people here. I’m not one of those types who likes to hoard knowledge or hold onto so called “secret” techniques. When I find something great, I like to share it with everyone.
One of the last days of the training in San Diego, Dr. Matt and I went to dinner, a nearby b.b.q. restaurant

Personal Development Revolution – Dr. Matt Part 2

I didn’t want to take up all of Dr. Matt’s free time but at every break and at lunch time all I wanted to do was
find out more about the technology he had created. When I’m curious and when I want something I can be a bit obsessive.
He didn’t seem at all put off by my machine gun style of questioning.
I found out that in addition to years of

Personal Development Revolution – Dr. Matt Part 1

You may be wondering what all of the fuss is about. Why do I keep going on and on about Dr. Matt?
Here is the story.
Once upon a time… about four months ago in San Diego at a hypnosis training, the class broke to pair up with partners for an exercise on the very first day of the course. I saw a bearded man who looked about my age, maybe a few years

What Happened To You?

Did something happen to you or for you? Or did it just happen?
We often think of events, especially the ones we don’t like, as happening to us when really they’re just happening and we personalize it and often that makes it worse.
You can make a solid argument that if someone calls you an asshole that this action was done to you. I won’t deny that. However, how useful is it

Triggered! & Dr. Matt Is Coming

Dr. Matt will be giving three talks in Santa Cruz, CA November 4th. Click here for more details!
Ever been triggered?
What happened? Who did it to you? What did you do about it?
So many people are being triggered these days. Some are triggered when they hear someone being politically incorrect. Others are triggered by political correctness or when you point out to them that they’re not being politically correct.