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About Damon Cart

Damon Cart is considered to be a natural talent by some of the best NLP trainers in the world. His approach to guiding and teaching students brings to their awareness that they've been doing NLP all of their lives without realizing it and he empowers them with skills and resources to thrive and reach their full potential. With the understanding of how Neuro Linguistic Programs create one’s experience a person can then take charge of those programs and create the experience and the life they want. By taking this approach into his own rigorous, daily NLP practice Damon has been able to rapidly accelerate his progress in learning, coaching clients and teaching workshops.

Located in Santa Cruz where NLP was founded Damon teaches and coaches clients locally as well as Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area. His passion is guiding people through transformation to achieve joy, fulfillment, passion and greater personal and career performance.

Damon certified in hypnosis and as a NLP practitioner three times, NLP master practitioner twice, NLP Trainer and NLP Health Certification. His vision is to touch as many lives as possible using NLP to help people actualize their greatest potentials.

"Damon Cart has a much better understanding of how my self-concept model works than anyone else I've ever worked with. He has an unusual ability to grasp the depth and details of the methodology, as well as a lot of energy, vitality, and commitment. It is a pleasure to recommend his training."
—Steve Andreas, Author, Trainer, NLP Developer

"I'm very impressed with Damon Cart and NLP-Gym. Damon is what you look for in a teacher - one who is himself a life-long student. He looks for what works and is dedicated to mastering the craft."
-Doug O'Brien, Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Author

"Damon is my NLP yoda. He just gets it--and has always been able to make it easily understandable for me. Not only has he been a teacher to me as an aspiring practitioner, but I have had the chance to have him as my coach. His insights are often profound. Almost with greed, I look forward to continuing to work with this talented, skilled practitioner--and the big things he can do for me."
-Dr. Larry Burchett, Medical Doctor, Author, and TV Personality

"Damon Cart first has a passion for learning and second a passion for learning NLP, he is both systemic and systematic in his approach. He is a master trainer and coach. He has made it a rule to learn from the best in NLP and to create an deep, wide and rich map of both conscious and unconscious approaches to change. Well, in short ‘Damon Rocks’, you will be enriched by learning from him."
-Judith Delozier, Author, Trainer, NLP Developer and Co-developer

"I met Damon Cart last year (2015) at NLP U. and have been impressed with his commitment to learn NLP in a thorough and deep way as well as his commitment to revitalize NLP in the USA. Damon is well-grounded in the fundamentals of NLP and the very terminology of “NLP Gym” speaks about his focus on dedicated practice."
-L. Michael Hall, Ph.D, Author, NLP Developer

Neha Chaku Tankha

Neha is a performance-driven Learning and Development Professional with over 10 years of experience in assessing training needs and delivering customized training programs for multinational organizations. She leverages her existing and new learning strategies to enhance talent capabilities.

She has a proven success record in directing complex projects and leads the human and operational aspects to impart major change initiatives in global organizations. All this, coupled with her strong analytical, consulting and influencing skills drive excellent results.

The multi-talented Neha has also been presented with a Hypnosis Certification, Advanced Language Patterns, NLP and Hypnosis Training from International Society for Hypnosis Certification & The NLP Institute of California.

Her many credentials include:

  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification from The NLP Institute of California
  • MBTI® Certified Practitioner by CPP, Inc.

She has been an Authorized Test Administrator for the following Assessments:

  • FIRO-B®
  • FIRO Business®
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

Her other venture is called Clatter Chatter Inc a social media marketing firm. It was ranked in top 100 Tech companies founded and managed by an Indian.

When this dynamic go getter is not cracking big deals or handling even bigger projects, she enjoys RJing for a local Radio Station.