2 Things NLP Gurus Don’t Want You To Know



What don’t NLP gurus want you to know?

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The first thing NLP gurus don’t want you to know is that certifications are meaningless. It’s just for marketing purposes these days.

Sure NLP certifications may have meant something once upon a time, but not anymore. And sure there may be a handful of institutes who rigorously test their students before handing them a certificate. However, if one institute hands out certificates to thoroughly trained and tested practitioners and another institute hands out certificates to anyone who simply pays the tuition fee then what does it mean to be a certified NLP Practitioner?

See where I’m going with this?

I have a folder full of various NLP practitioner, master practitioner, NLP trainer, and hypnosis certificates and none of them say anything about my skill level or ability. I’ve also never met anyone who’s NLP skills or abilities I could judge by their certifications.

Most NLP institutes will hand certificates out to anyone who shows up regardless of their knowledge or skills. Some don’t even require you to show up. There is no universal governing body that establishes any sort of standards for what defines a certified NLP practitioner.

Many would be NLP practitioners make the mistake of focusing on certificates. Don’t be that person. It won’t help you learn NLP and it won’t help your skills.

The second thing NLP gurus don’t want you to know is that their NLP trainings are mainly demonstrations of NLP instead of actually teaching you NLP.

NLP is experiential which means you have to practice it. You can’t truly learn NLP by listening to lectures and watching demonstrations any more than you can get stronger by watching people lift weights or become flexible by watching people practice yoga.

Since practitioner trainings these days have been shortened to sometimes just one week (I’ve even seen 2 days advertised) either you’re not getting the full practitioner curriculum or you’re not given an opportunity to practice.

Practicing NLP is how you actually learn NLP. The best practice is supervised practice with a teacher who knows what they’re doing. Most institutes that incorporate practice often have resource coaches supervising the practice who don’t know what they’re doing. They may have a wall covered with framed certificates but they usually don’t have the skills to supervise practice effectively.

“Wait a minute Damon! Aren’t you a NLP guru too?”

Actually I consider myself more a student of NLP and an explorer. I have no interest in being thought of as a guru. I love NLP and have practiced it for years and it’s helped me improve my life tremendously and I want to share it and make NLP available to as many people as I can possibly can. I want to share what has worked for me because it might work for you.

But I struggle and suffer just like everyone else and I’m not about to pretend I don’t. I’m not interested in pretending to be perfect or divine like I see so many gurus portray themselves to be. I’m not enlightened and I would not encourage you to use my life as an example to live by.

Use NLP to create your life based on you, not someone else.


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